What happened to XCHG_rr?

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     What is the opcode of the instruction to swap two registers in X86?

     After updating my LLVM branch, I realized that there is no longer an opcode for xchg with two register operands in X86GenInstrNames.inc. I found only instructions to swap memory and registers: XCHG16rm, XCHG32rm, XCHG64rm and XCHG8rm.

I am updating from LLVM 2.1 to current trunk. The names that I was using in LLVM 2.1 were: XCHG8rr, XCHG16rr, XCHG32rr and XCHG64rr.

Ps.: Evan, thank you for answering the question about IMPLICIT_DEF's.

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I think they were removed just because noone was using them. Also, the JIT encoding may have not been correct, I don't recall.


I was using them to do SSA-elimination after register allocation. I can implement swaps using three XOR's, but then the code becomes a little bigger and slower. I think even for the sake of completeness, the X86 back-end should offer the possibility of swapping two registers with one single instruction. Do you guys think there is any possibility that those instructions could come back to the main trunk of LLVM?

Just as a side note, swaps are very important for SSA-based register allocation. If you cannot swap two live ranges atomically, then the problem of finding the minimum coloring becomes NP-complete, whereas it is linear on the size of the interference graph otherwise.



Until mainline has code that can generate them, it isn't useful to have them. Why not just include them in your local changes? If those changes ever get committed to mainline, they'd naturally come in with them.