What is HexagonTargetMachine::addPassesForOptimizations for?

This function is marked virtual but doesn’t override anything, doesn’t have any overrides, and has no in tree callers. Can it be removed?

Given that it is dead, yes :slight_smile:


It used to be called from clang, from lib/CodeGen/BackendUtils.cpp, function CreatePasses. It doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I'm not familiar with that part of the code.


It is actually part of a patch that we do not intend to upstream. Unfortunately this part of the patch slipped through. IMO it is ok to remove.
+Pranav who is even more familiar with the code.

Yes, we do not need this any more. It is ok to remove.


Pranav, can you remove it?

Yes, I'll remove it.


Done. r207800. Pranav