What is the correct Targettripple for generating a X86 COFF-Files on windows?

Just got started and stuck at the same time. Working with the C-Api, i have come to the point where i want to emit a binary file for my module. I queried the X86-Target and called LLVMCreateTargetMachine this way:

LTarget := LLVMGetTargetFromName(‘x86’);
LMachine := LLVMCreateTargetMachine(LTarget, ‘i386-win32-msvc’, nil, nil, LLVMCodeGenLevelDefault, LLVMRelocDefault, LLVMCodeModelDefault);

A call to LLVMTargetMachineEmitToFile using LLVMObjectFile does output a obj-file. But it seems it is an ELF-File. Looking through the code(and looking into the Tripple.cpp) i am not sure what to do exactly for creating a COFF-File.

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Alexander B.

Prior to “win32” i used “windows”

Okay after some more searching, i finally solved it: