What is the difference between OSType.Win32 and OSType.MinGW32 ?


I’m generating/compiling/parsing llvm IR code targeting windows 32bits on my win7 64bits install.
And I’m wondering what os should I use in my triple.
I tried both without seeing much differences.
Is there supposed to be any ?
What are the differences between the two OSTypes?

Secondly, I’m doing the linking of the .o files created by llvm with gcc from a mingw64 install.
Should I link the .o. files with clang instead of gcc?
What benefits could I expect from this change?


To the second question, clang on win32-mingw uses gcc (ld) to link the object files so there should be no difference.

Win32 matches the MSVC ABI. MinGW32 matches the... MinGW32 ABI which
is basically the gnu ABI, except when it's not.

- Michael Spencer