What is the status/purpose of the cfe-users list?


On the page https://clang.llvm.org/get_involved.html I see:

“““Clang is a subproject of the LLVM Project, but has its own mailing
lists because the communities have people with different interests.
The two clang lists are:

    cfe-commits - This list is for patch submission/discussion.
    cfe-dev - This list is for everything else Clang related
(questions and answers, design discussions, etc).”””

If so, then why does the same page left pane have a link to the
cfe-users list http://lists.llvm.org/mailman/listinfo/cfe-users?

Probably just a matter of out of date documentation on the get_involved website. That said, the cfe-users list exists, intended for user discussions (& to separate them from development discussions on cfe-dev/commits) but without a lot of users there it’s hard to start a conversation/get answers.