What version of libc++ does Xcode ship with?

Is there a table that documents this somewhere?



I'd be interested in seeing this too, but the last time I checked, I think it was libc++ 3.4 (caveat: I don't have Xcode myself). I've been waiting for Xcode to ship with libc++ 3.5, since it fixes some bugs that I've run into.

- Jim

The LLVM project doesn't maintain such a table; you could try asking Apple

The answer to this has to be “Ask Apple”, since they ship Xcode.
It may not even correspond to a particular SVN revision of libc++; they may have “out of tree" changes that they apply.

— Marshall

P.S. You can diff the header files, and probably figure out what revision they’re closest to - but that doesn’t help with the sources that the dylib is built from.