Where can I find arm_neon_sve_bridge.h in GCC?

Clang seems to support the ARM NEON SVE Bridge in ACLE, but I couldn’t find the corresponding header (arm_neon_sve_bridge.h) in Arm GNU Toolchain 11.3.rel1, available from Arm GNU Toolchain Downloads – Arm Developer. The GCC source repository doesn’t seem to have any relevant code either (but I didn’t look very carefully). Does anyone from Arm know when this support will be added to GCC?


This forum is clang focused, for GCC questions I would go to their mailing lists.

However, I did talk to my colleagues at Arm who work on GCC. They are aware of this work but it is not currently prioritised.

I’d send a mail to one of the GCC lists to show interest, Arm folks will see that. Perhaps open a bug on GCC’s bugzilla.

Thanks David! Sorry for abusing the forum.