Where can I find the release process of clang ?

Hi, all,

For many open source project(i.e. llvm, ubuntu etc), I could find their release process information from the public web sit. However, I cannot find this kind of information for clang. I want to know how clang release the product to certify its quality ? I know that, clang has its own nice test suit, but don’t know if it is the only one clang use to verify its quality before the release ?

Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

I think this page sums it up pretty well:


Clang is released along with of llvm, so as Kevin noted, what you have
for llvm includes clang as well.


That documentation is not complete. For example the libclang DLL you’ll get with the normal build process is significantly larger than the one that is actually shipped. It would be nice if such things were also documented.

+Hans, current release manager, to see if there’s any hidden assumptions that need to be added to the docs

John, are you asking about how the Windows releases are built?

The snapshots are currently built with the script checked in under
utils/release/build_llvm_package.bat, and that's what I'll use for 3.8
as well. The 3.7 release was built with the script attached here:

To address the very original question, maybe link to the
"how to release LLVM" page from the llvm.org front page?

It's linked from the Documentation page. The front page is pretty
cluttered already, so I don't think adding a link there would help.