Where can I get llvm-gcc frontend?


I’d like to see the code for and play with llvm-gcc frontend. But I’m not able to find it online.

Could someone please tell me how to find it?

Thanks in advance!

Here ?

Thank you very much!

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Don’t you know where can I find built version of llvm-gcc on Ubuntu?
There’s no package in default apt repositories and https://apt.llvm.org/llvm.sh script doesn’t support LLVM 4

I don’t know either. Sorry

The llvm-gcc frontend is dead and unmaintained, and has been for over a decade. Its effective replacement is dragonegg, which has similarly died off due to lack of maintenance.

If you want prebuilt binaries, you can find them on LLVM’s old releases page: LLVM Download Page. It looks like the newest version of llvm-gcc is in LLVM 2.9. Dragonegg sources (not binaries) are available through LLVM 3.6.

I don’t know what your motivation is in playing with llvm-gcc, but I would caution that its advanced age would likely make it unusable for any modern uses–LLVM 2.9 is just not going to be very compatible with modern LLVM IR tooling.

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Thank you for the link, somehow I missed it!

I’d like to see how LLVM’s trampoline intrinsic are generated for “nested functions” GCC extension. Unfortunately, there is no usage of this intrinsic in LLVM project, because it was designed specifically for this extension and Clang does not support it.
Also, I couldn’t find the LLVM code generation part in the sources, that’s why I need the binaries.