Where did Alive go?

This no longer works http://rise4fun.com/Alive

I'm investigating; thanks for the heads up. Sorry for the trouble.

Alive is now working again. There was a migration to a new server.
Permalinks are still being copied from backup; they will work again shortly as well. (I would probably not create new ones since they may get replaced while the copy is in flux).


Citando Nuno Lopes via llvm-dev <llvm-dev@lists.llvm.org>:

And now rise4fun.com doesn’t work at all?

Craig I know it's a pain compared to the web interface but Alive is pretty easy to install and run from a shell.


I still can’t use the web app - spins for about a minute until:
“Oops, it seems that this tool encountered an issue. Please try again later or contact support.”

I’ll build/install software if I’m forced to, but I’ve been using the web app to bounce ideas around, and that doesn’t work unless everyone else installs the software too.
I’ve also left a trail of permalinks in patch proposals and commit messages because I often return to those as references.

Any chance this will be alive (!) again soon? :slight_smile:

Sorry, we really screwed up the server migration.
Alive is now working again and should be fixed for good :slight_smile:
Permalinks are still missing; we are working on recovering those.

Apologies again for all the trouble.


Thanks! Just discovered I was over-specifying a potential fold. :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile:
The permalinks should have been fully restored now. Let me know if there's something missing.


Citando Sanjay Patel <spatel@rotateright.com>: