Where is Andersen Alias Analysis in LLVM-2.7?


I was working on alias analysis using LLVM-2.6 previously. But I just downloaded LLVM-2.7 and found AndersenAA is not there. What happened for andersen’s IPA alias analysis? Has it been deleted for some reason?


Hi Lei,

Quoting the release notes:

The Andersen’s alias analysis (“anders-aa”) pass, the Predicate Simplifier (“predsimplify”) pass, the LoopVR pass, the GVNPRE pass, and the random sampling profiling (“rsprofiling”) passes have all been removed. They were not being actively maintained and had substantial problems. If you are interested in these components, you are welcome to ressurect them from SVN, fix the correctness problems, and resubmit them to mainline.

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