Where is the library documentation?

greetings kind regards . i am new to the library . i am attempting to locate the documntation . i visited the various so called “documentation” pages via home page but found nothing i recognize as such . i am accustomed to cppreference.com . the documentaiton there is obvious easily located and complete .i only found via lib++ home page release notes , status reports ,etc. these are of no use to me . i merely wish to know the classes supported and how to utilize them . kindly advise .

What exactly are you looking for? Everything that is in the papers marked as complete is implemented. Anything else isn’t. Everything from C++11 and 14 is complete, C++17 lacks very few things (Mathematical special functions and the PSTL are the only major ones) and C++20 is mostly done (about 80-90%). You can generally assume the stuff to exist from these versions, with more exceptions the newer the standard. (C++23 is still very WIP)

i have no need for “wording changes” or “proposed wording” or “changes in revisions” . as stated i merely wish to find the equivalent of what cppreference.com kindly provides i.e. a clearly organized list of provided classes and how to utilize them .

We don’t have that, since it would be extremely costly to maintain compared to it’s usefulness. Just use cppreference, and if your compiler complains that something doesn’t exist, you can’t use it. If you want a specific feature, look up which paper added it and look at Compiler support for C++23 - cppreference.com, or the status pages of the standard library implementations you are interested in.

thank you kindly . having been reading boost library recently i foolishly assumed libc++ provided more than the standard . i apologize for utilizing your no doubt valuable time .