Where to file bugs for MLIR VSCode extension?

I wasn’t sure where to file bugs for the MLIR (+ TableGen) VS Code extension, so I filed one on the Github Repo, but that seems to not have got any attention.

Where is the right place to file this kind of issue?

I see someone else has filed two more issues since I did.

Main LLVM repo may be more monitored, the vscode-mlir one is mostly just a view into the main repo for simpler integration with deployment tools and I don’t know if folks even get notified of issues filed there.

I thought we had some notes on that in the main doc, but I guess not. Issues have generally been filed against the main LLVM repo, as that is where the development actually takes place.

I didn’t have notifications enabled for the vscode-mlir repo issues (kind of funny given I’m an admin there), but I’ll take a look at the issues filed so far later today.

– River

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