Which are projects that do not compile on windows?

I’m trying to build llvm on windows, in order to have version 16.0.0 installed on my system.
I have visual studio 2022 preview installed and mingw64.
I tried to include all projects on cmake building, such as flang, bolt, polly, openmp; and runtimes also.
So, I thing something went wrong during linking.
I think some project does not compile yet on windows, such as flang.
Now, I could go by trial and error, trying to compile all the projects and excluding from time to time the one that seems to be giving me problems, but it would be a long and tedious job.
So I was wondering: what are the projects that definitely do not compile on windows?
Can I compile the projects separately without recompiling llvm each time?
Thank you,

You can see how the releases are built for Windows and what projects are included here: llvm-project/build_llvm_release.bat at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub

Of those, LLDB and OpenMP are trickier (in terms of dependencies), so unless you need them I’d suggest skipping them.