Which level of LLVM integration with native code, like DLLs?

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I come here to learn about integration of LLVM with native code. It can work with other native libraries (like dll)?

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LLVM like many other compilers consists of several big stages -
frontends, middle-ends and backends. Frontend translates input
language into compiler's internal representation (IR), middle-end
works with this IR applying various optimizations, for example, and
backend generates executable code out of IR, that could be whatever
you can implement, including native x86 assembler. In this case binary
generated by LLVM will be just like any other binary in system, and
therefore compatible with other binaries in any form, including dlls.

- D.

Wow. Thanks Dmitry!

2011/8/28 Dmitry N. Mikushin <maemarcus@gmail.com>