which libs do I need to link to build the c-index-test?

Hi, I'm a mingw user, and I have succefully build llvm+clang under msys+mingw. (yes, c-index-test build Ok under MSYS).

Now, I just copy the source code: (renamed it as main.cpp to my codeblocks project)

then, I try to add some include search path and lib search path.

the compiling stage works OK, but the link stage has some problems like:

c-index-test should only need to link against libclang, since it uses the C interface to Clang.

  - Doug

Thanks for your reply!!
Now, I have successfully build my c++ project.

I just follow these these way:
I go to the folder:
and run the command:


This way, I get the verbose of the build log, then all the libraries I need to build my project(c++ project), they are listed here:


Also, some extra Macros:

Then, I need to change the source code a little to build it as a c++ source.