Which one is suggested ? Linux or Windows

I started to develop an LLVM Backend to support custom extension of RV32I Processor 2 days ago. I am generally using windows. So I am comfortable in Windows rather than Linux. Although windows is available to develop an LLVM Backend I used Linux because I thought Linux will be better for this job and more people make it in Linux (I should find the solution of a problem easier).
I am currently struggling on building LLVM Backend structure in Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS. before I open a new topic in issues, I want to ask.
Are you suggesting to continue with Linux? or come back to Windows?
Thank you for your time.

The development experience (as in building/running) should be relatively the same, however a lot of llvm testing infrastructure assume posix-like environment.
You can try using WSL/WSL2 on windows, if you so chose, however that might require some more fiddling to work transparently, which you might want to avoid if you are struggling with just the regular llvm build (which should be relatively straightforward on both linux and windows provided you have up-to-date compilers and cmake).

I use both. They both work fine. Linux is a little faster for me - but otherwise no big difference. I use VSCode and clangd to do my development on both platforms.

Thank you all. thank so much. Since, the hardness is similar as you mentioned, I decided to use Linux which will be better I think in the long term.