Which project is copying the libs into build\Debug\lib?

Hello, I’m using clang with Visual Studio, and I’m a big fan of using the “Build Only…” feature to avoid waiting hours with a full build. I would like to know which one of the project (or makefile) is responsible to copy the .lib files (ex: clangSema.lib) to the build\Debug\lib directory.

For the same reason, I would like to know which project is responsible to generate the Attrs.inc file from the Attr.td file (I think it’s clangAST, or is it ClangAttrClasses).

Thank you in advance

If you’re using ninja (“cmake -G Ninja”), you can ask it to build specific targets. For example, if you run “ninja opt”, it will build exactly the files necessary to built the “opt” utility.

Not sure how you’d do this using the Visual Studio IDE.

Yeah, I think I know what you mean, but my problem is not with “how to build a specific target/project” (here, copying the.lib files to the build\Debug\lib directory), but rather how to find WHICH target/project is performing this copy (… here, among the hundreds of projects in the VS solution). I just finished compiling the solution and it took hours, and my computer is almost unusable (unresponsive), that’s why I want to build specific targets/projects when I can (… whit great care of course).