Who is physically near Austin?

I'm taking Talin's idea and running with it with respect to the Austin
area. If you're into LLVM and within easy-enough driving distance to
make it worthwhile to get together every month or so in Austin, please
post here. If there's enough interest, I'll set something up at a
local restaurant or someplace like that.


I am interested in a monthly LLVM meeting in Austin. At least one more member of my team at Qualcomm, Austin will be interested as well.


I would be interested in this, but I'm not moving to Austin until this summer.


OK, I'll assume for the moment that we're starting small. Unless we
get a lot more people, I propose we just meet at 12:00 PM on Friday,
10/30/2009, at Bombay Bistro (183 & Braker).

If we do get a lot more people, I'll call ahead and see what I can set up.