Who should I talk to about a proposed update to stable_sort?

Or, more specifically, inplace_stable_sort, from libcxx. I’ve been working on a hybrid in-place merge sort for a few weeks, using a paper called “Ratio based in-place stable merging” from 2008, and it resulted in a design that’s 3-15x faster than inplace_stable_sort and 80-90% of the speed of stable_sort, while using O(1) memory. I have all of the details up on the project page, including C++ code that directly benchmarks and validates against stable_sort.


Is there someone in particular I should speak to about it? It’s not exactly a minor change.

  • Mike

Hi Mike,

I don't know if this is up to date, but the CODE_OWNERS.TXT file at
the top level of the llvm source suggests that Marshall Clow is the
code owner for libc++. But in general I think just having it on the
cfe-commits mailing list is probably the best way to garner feedback
and move it forward.

Thank you, David. I'll post on there asking for feedback.

- Mike

Hi Brent,

Thank you, although it’s actually only called once at the start of the function. It performs a bottom-up merge on that power-of-two size. I wasn’t sure if libc++ already had a function for that so I just kept the one from the C port.

  • Mike