Who to assign as "reviewers" for a patch??

Dear LLVM devs,

I just submitted a patch: http://reviews.llvm.org/D10149. However, Phabricator is warning me that “this revision needs review, but there are no reviewers specified”.

How should I determine who the reviewers should be?

Alex Dowad

Look at the CODE_OWNERS.txt file, find the places your patch touches and who owns them, add those people to the review. At least that’s what I’ve been told previously when submitting patches.


You can also look for people patching CFI- or X86- related code.

Yes, if you run “git blame” or “svn blame” (whichever you are using) on the file, and find who was last updating the part of the file you are modifying, then you may have a good candidate to who to review it. However, I believe you should also add the overall owner of that code, so that the owner is a) aware of your changes and b) can take a “big picture view” of the changes (you may be doing the right thing, but some subtle difference may help make the code more suitable for future changes, etc).