Why buildbot sanitizer-ppc64-linux1 blames r239459?

I’m trying to understand why the buildbot sanitizer-ppc64-linux1 fails due to my latest patch. It was in llvm::GlobalValue while the reported failure is:

strcspn-2.c.tmp: /home/buildbots/sanitizerslave1/sanitizer-ppc64-1/build/llvm/projects/compiler-rt/test/asan/TestCases/strcspn-2.c:17: int main(int, char **): Assertion `r == sizeof(s1) - 1’ failed.

where strcspn-2.c (below) tests the strcspn function and does not use any header from LLVM, completely unrelated to GlobalValue.
Yet, the buildbot reports that r239457 and r239458 were built OK and the failure started in my patch r239459:


Why is the builbot blaiming r239459? is this a buildbot bug?



Hi Yaron,

It's not about your patch - the testcase was flaky which should now be fixed with r239461.