Why does this testcase fail in clang-60?

This testcase:

# include <complex>
# include <math.h>

# define _I ((complex_t)(1i))
typedef std::complex<double> complex_t;

complex_t f(const double omega) {
complex_t p = cos (omega) + _I * sin (omega);
return p;

works in clang40 and clang50, but fails in clang60:

c.c:9:32: error: implicit conversion from '_Complex int' to 'double' is not permitted in C++
complex_t p = cos (omega) + _I * sin (omega);
c.c:5:26: note: expanded from macro '_I'
# define _I ((complex_t)(1i))
~ ^~
1 error generated.


I believe the default standard did change to c++14. How did you compile?
Could you make a case in godbolt.org?

I compiled without arguments. Adding -std=c++11 or -std=c++98 doesn't change the error message.


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