Why google-perftools fails to detect stack of JITted code? (with option -disable-fp-elim set)

I have this problem: google-perftools fails to detect stack for the code run under JIT called through C++ api from my program. It shows in profile like all program is one block with the name _init.
I clearly do set the option NoFramePointerElim and I do see how it makes a difference in stack frame under gdb.

When running some code in JIT in lli (with option -disable-fp-elim) google perftools is able to detect stack and build the correct profile.

Problem only exists in linux/i386. On FreeBSD/amd64 google perftools detects stack fine for exactly the same program.

How can I understand why google-perftools fails on JITted code?
Is it possible to print all options used by JIT in code generation in one string to be able to compare?