Why so many new posts have llvm-weekly as tag?

I’m not sure if people actively pick that tag or if there’s an automated process that does it, but I keep receiving notifications from random posts because they use the llvm-weekly tag (that I just manually added for the sake of the argument).

Perhaps we should rename that so that people don’t think it’s code related? Perhaps we don’t need the tag because we already have a category for that (newsletters)?

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The llvm-weekly tag should only be used for llvm-weekly. Perhaps there is some idea that it will reach a larger audience by using that tag. AFAIK, they are not being added automatically.

It’s the first tag that pops up and if you think you need to fill out all the forms, that one is picked. Make a dummy one, “no-tag”, to solve the issue.

No-tag is already a way to search in Discourse, so I don’t think we should use that. While we could pick some other name, I’m not sure this is necessary. People shouldn’t be picking a tag if it has no tag. In an ideal world, we have a team of moderators that are checking out posts and helping with categorizing and tagging. It’s on my TODO list, but I haven’t gotten to expanding our current moderator list.

I tried to do something different: I put the llvm-weekly in a tag group that only user with trust-level 3 (regular user) can use. That should help newcomers to not use it by mistake.


Won’t they just pick “clang” now? The new top tag.

I’m just guessing here, but IF they picked llvm-weekly because llvm is in the name, then it’s probable that they will pick clang (and others) less.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…