Wiki to HTML docs - take 2

Hi all,

I spend the last two weeks looking for solutions to print HTML files
out of the wiki format.

I tried to create a Perl hack (wasn't generic enough), a C++
parser/printer (would take too long) and looked into Deplate and some
Wikimedia specific tools to convert to docbook, pdf and HTML. The last
one was the most successful one (printed a nice PDF) but the XHTML was
no good for Chrome and nowhere near the simple and standard HTML we
currently have in the trunk.

In a nutshell, I give up. :wink:

Attached is the latest HTML version I had (older than the wiki), which
anyone can contribute once it gets into SVN.

It just baffles me that no one thought a simple API for that would be
a good idea...

debug-info-llvm.html (26.6 KB)


Can anyone commit this file, pls? So we can start working cooperatively on it.