Wiki to HTML docs

So, I managed to get something. It's not perfect but it's far too easy. :wink:

Step 1:

Go to -> preferences -> skin -> set to MySkin.

It'll give you the 'DebugInformation-LLVM.html' file attached.

Step 2:

With 5 minutes of VI editing gives you 'DebugInformation-LLVM-2.html',
which is QUITE close to the LLVM standard, at least visually.

The changes were:
- %s/<span class="editsection.*]<\/span>// # remove [edit]
- %s/<span class="toctoggle.*]<\/span>// # remove [hide]
- add <link rel="stylesheet" href=""
- remove all CSS info, footer, TOC wrapper table

All that can be done in Python easily, but I wonder if the resulting
HTML is up to standards. The script could also change the class of
some div/span and re-root the links, add the footer, as is usual for
HTML fiddling.

The final HTML source is not pretty, but is similar to what it would
be from a simple HTML editor, so no harm done.

If you guys think it's ok, I'll wrap up a Python script to fiddle the
result and call it a day. All other methods are far too complex for
such task... :wink:

DebugInformation-LLVM.html (42.1 KB)

DebugInformation-LLVM-2.html (28.2 KB)