Will Dev Mtg session be recorded for replay?

Hi Dev Mtg organizers and Tanya,

Thanks to your great efforts, now we can participate in this meeting online during such sad time. I hope more of my local team members can also enjoy and learn from the meeting contents, but the meeting time looks not friendly to Asian. Will Dev Mtg sessions be recorded so that we can replay and watch it later for learning? Thanks!

Yongnian LE

Huawei Technologies

I totally understand that the time zones are not good for Asia. Unfortunately, there was no good way to meet the needs of every time zone. However, we will be providing all the videos on demand in addition to live streaming + live Q&A. The videos should be up a few days before the conference and you can watch and put any questions in the Q&A area. They will be answered during live Q&A that we plan to record and post once the conference is over.