Will libFuzzer be part of future release binary packages?

Hi all,
Will libFuzzer be part of the release pre-built binaries at http://releases.llvm.org/ in the future?


My understanding is that George is working towards this goal.

For extra motivation: LDC too supports libFuzzer and including it by default in the LLVM binary package (and build process) would help a lot in testing and packaging LDC.


Yes, I would like that to happen.
Also with the introduction of -fsanitize=fuzzer argument to Clang I think we have to do that.

This is technically easy to do, but for now I think it’s better to see and wait whether we can move
libFuzzer to compiler-rt under a more permissive license, as that might change the library output location.
Hopefully, that should all happen very soon.

There’s also a ticket on bugzilla about libFuzzer missing from Debian LLVM distribution, not sure what happened to that.