Win32 COFF Support - Patch 3

3rd patch

And patch attached.

I'll wait on posting the 4th and 5th (making the X86 back end actually
use this stuff on windows and tests) patches until 1 & 2 are
committed and this one is reviewed.

- Michael Spencer

ms-coff-patch-3.patch (10.5 KB)

This probably needs to be slightly tweaked to work with mainline. I don't see anything objectionable, but I think Daniel needs to review this one.

Thanks for working on this Michael!


Updated patch to work with mainline.

- Michael Spencer

ms-coff-patch-3.1.patch (13.7 KB)

Hi Michael,

Overall patch looks good. I do have a few comments below. My main
comment is please try to make the style match that used in the
MCMachOStreamer more closely. I intend to refactor more functionality
into the base MCObjectStreamer class, and having them use consistent
idioms makes this easier; specific instances are included in the

I implemented the changes and merged some stuff into MCObjectStreamer
along with marking all the functions that are basically the same.

- Michael Spencer

ms-coff-patch-3.2.patch (20.5 KB)

Hi Michael,

Patch looks excellent, one minor comment: