Windows build broken for me since r246156

Hi all,

I run a build bot which updates and builds trunk llvm on a variety of OSes once every four hours. The windows build has been broken since r246156: A full clean didn’t seem to fix it. Neither did several more recent updates (I’m currently building at 246208).

The specific error is at the end of this log:

My build procedure looks like this:

-G ‘Visual Studio 12 Win64’

MSBuild.exe /m /t:Build /p:Configuration=“Debug” .\ALL_BUILD.vcxproj

MSBuild.exe /m /t:Build /p:Configuration=“Release” .\ALL_BUILD.vcxproj

Suggestions appreciated. All other platforms and llvm versions are currently green:

  • Andrew

Fixed in r246241. Sorry for inconvenience.

No inconvenience, I just thought the heads-up might be useful. It’s all green again.


  • Andrew