Windows build problems...


I'm having a bizarre build failure on Windows (having to do with basic types such as uint8_t, uint32_t).

I've done a clean build and it doesn't seem to fix the problem (I made sure DataTypes.h was removed and regenerated).

I searched through the recent llvm commits and can't find anything relevant to this file or data type.

If you build llvm on Windows, please let me know if you are seeing the same problems.

Thanks for any help,


I think Chris just fixed at least one of them. uint8_t is probably not guaranteed to be an included type on windows without the right header.


I last built LLVM just fine on Windows last on Dec. 13, 2008. I have
not yet updated it since then. So if a build is failing then it would
have had to have been after that. If it has been fixed, all the