Windows PDATA/XDATA for Clang Inline Assembly

I have found no way to give directives to the inline assembler such
that it generates the relevant pdata/xdata.

Is this a limitation or I'm being dense?

If I forgot inline assembly but still use lld-link will my object file
from say MASM get linked properly?

I managed to make it work with naked functions:

Compiling locally results in an object with .pdata/.xdata. I would expect you could use gcc-style inline asm here too if you like.

Generally, if you use these directives in a regular, non-naked (clothed?) function, you should expect to get errors from the assembler about directives outside the prologue. The compiler will assume it is responsible for the prologue, and emit the unwind info directives.

If you were to use masm instead, yes, I would expect lld-link to still accept it.

Thank you, Reid for this reply and all the work you (and others) do to
help Windows users of LLVM/Clang.

And this works for ARM64 as well? which
is a couple of years old but you ask someone to see if they would add
support I don't know if that ever made it.

General support for unwind info code generation was added back then, and was mostly complete around LLVM 8.

But support for generating unwind info in assembly (both inline and external) wasn't added back then; that was added recently in the master branch though. See e.g. and for examples on the syntax. As the instruction set and unwind opcodes differ between x86_64 and arm64, the assembly directives also differ accordingly.

// Martin