Working in a new language

Hello everyone,

I am new here and want to learn from you.
I am working in my own programming language. I ended Lexer and Parser and am in the point to decide about and design a Intermediate Language and found it very complex and technical. Thus now decided to learn about MLIR. Then I will decide to only use MLIR or use completely LLVM as backend of this language.
In this GitHub page some parts of syntax is publishing:
What is the best way to learn MLIR fast?

The official document site is very rich and useful to learn about MLIR.

Those who are not familiar with the basic of MLIR will find the following tutorial helpful as well.



Hi Again, I visited the website but don’t know where I can find syntax of MLIR.
I am know worry about optimization specifically vectorization and its relation to IR (Vector IR).

Are you looking for the Language Reference?

Tulio Magno

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Yes Thanks