Working on lldb-gdbserver


I'm interested in working on the lldb-gdbserver tool.

I'd like to know if there is already someone working on it ? It would not be very effective to duplicate the efforts.


-- Jean-Daniel

Hi Jean-Daniel,

We’re expecting to put quite a bit of effort into lldb-gdbserver, but we haven’t started yet. We’re working on getting a minimal gdbserver setup working first.

At least on our side, you wouldn’t be duplicating any effort yet. We’ll chime in over here the moment we’re ready to start. That way if you’re working on some part of it already, we can coordinate at that point.



I’m actually experimenting on a private branch to see what will need to be changed to fit the new design where in process debugging and remote debugging use the same code.

I stay tune, and will be glade to share my work with you once you start working on it.

Okay, sounds good!