Working on Microsoft C++ ABI

Hi John, cfe-dev,

I want to work on Microsoft C++ ABI.
Do you have any tips or suggestions?

My ultimate goal is to make Clang capable of compiling Chromium for
Windows and use it together AddressSanitizer for testing Chromium.
Cross-compiling on Linux for Windows would be a plus too.

I know Chromium is too large to start with, so the initial target
should probably be ThreadSanitizer unittests:
and maybe AddressSanitizer unittest [too POSIX-oriented now]:

ThreadSanitizer tests are buildable on both Windows and Linux now;
they use very limited set of C++ features.

Also, I'm not yet interested in complex multiple inheritance or RTTI
as Chromium coding style forbids them.

My short-term targets are: [patch sent for review] [will send the draft for
review soon, need some help with tests there] [waiting for 12574 first]

Does the above sound OK for you?

Thanks in advance,
Timur Iskhodzhanov,
Google Russia