wpa example compilation fails after an update to AnalysisManager class.

I have deleted the construction of AnalysisManager and trying to parse the ASTUnit using subclass of ASTConsumer to parse the top level decl as in the attached file. The example
compiles however i the parsing does not happen i get the following error while trying to parse the following code.

// hello.cpp

class BIGClassName
int i;
int kk;

int main()
BIGClassName a;

COMMAND GIVEN :- clang-wpa hello.ast // hello.ast is constructed using clang(clang -emit-ast hello.cpp
clang-wpa: /home/talespin_kit/src/llvm/tools/clang/lib/Frontend/…/…/include/clang/Basic/SourceManager.h:273: const clang::SrcMgr::FileInfo& clang::SrcMgr::SLocEntry::getFile() const: Assertion `isFile() && “Not a file SLocEntry!”’ failed.
Stack dump:
0. parser at end of file

clang-wpa.cpp (3.66 KB)