writing LLVM bitcode interpreter in Fantom language

Hi all. I’m new to LLVM and pretty interested in it.
I want to write LLVM bitcode interpreter in Fantom programming language. Or we can call it a virtual machine with LLVM bitcode as an instructions set. I’m not sure what is more correct. Ok, we can say that I need to write my own lli tool in Fantom :slight_smile:
Fantom is a high-level language that can run on both the Java VM and the .NET CLR. (www.fantom.org).
So, i have two questions:

  1. Is it theoretically possible to interpret and execute such a low-level instructions without direct calls to c/c++? For example, in pure Java.
  2. Did anybody else try to perform a similar task? I mean LLVM bitcode parsing, interpreting/compiling, execution with… ok, let it be just Java (i can use any Java code from Fantom).
    Or may be, there is already a similar project?
    Anyway, any help will be useful. I will be grateful for all advices or links.
    Thanks in advance!