Wrong include paths when building clang

My apologies in advance if I’m posting to the wrong group.

I’m building clang from the latest svn sources

I’m building it with gcc 4.8.2 via 'cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release’

gcc 4.4.7 also exists on the same machine

g++ -print-search-dirs reports things of the form .../4.8.2/...

However, after I build clang, clang++ -print-search-dirs reports things of the form .../4.4.7/...

So, of course, my c++11 code won't build because the 4.4.7 includes don't compile with std=c++11

How is clang deciding on the 4.4.7 headers?
How can I tell it to use the 4.8.2 headers?

many thanks,
Andy Jewell

You can use --gcc-toolchain=/path/to/gcc/root

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