Wrong RISCV assembly code for pseudo-LLA (Load Address) being generated since applying D99158.diff and D100288.diff patches

Hi all,

Since we applied the patch D100288.diff our RISCV backend generates incorrect code from assembly for pseudo-LLA (Load Address), for instance:

    la sp, _stack_top

gets translated to:

;       la sp, _stack_top
   4001e: 17 01 10 00   auipc   sp, 256
   40022: 03 31 a1 02   ld      sp, 42(sp)

while this should be:

        // Primary hart
        la sp, _stack_top
   4001e:       04501117                auipc   sp,0x4501
   40022:       e0210113                addi    sp,sp,-510 # 4540e20 <_stack>

meaning that ‘ld’ is being picked instead of ‘addi’ !
I appreciate if anyone could provide some insight or possible solution.

Thanks you in advance,

LA and LLA are not the same thing. If you need the latter then use the latter, not the former.

See riscv-asm-manual/riscv-asm.md at master · riscv-non-isa/riscv-asm-manual · GitHub

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Many thanks for the info. My issue has been resolved, it appears that -fno-pic is also needed as an assembler flag.