X32 bugs around "cannot select" lingering around


There's several, to my eyes, somewhat related looking bugs:

Bug 36743 - Cannot select: X86ISD::CALL ICE with -mx32 -O2 -fno-plt

Bug 34268 - JITting of x32 code on x64 fails with crash or instruction selection error.

There's unfortunately been no investigation.

I'm asking because I hit something eerily looking like the second case,
in postgresql. The debian packagers report that postgres' tests fail on
x32 when llvm support is enabled. The relevant bitcode excerpt and
error is:


Is x32 support considered stable?


Andres Freund

I don't think it's stable, unless somebody recently contributed to x32.
The last patch I sent was ~4 years ago and there've been quite a few issues left to fix for x32. :((

-- Pavel

As far as I know, nobody is actively maintaining it. Pavel and I have contributed in the past, but neither of us much recently. I occasionally get sent patches and I do review and commit them, but I’m not working on fixing bugs myself.