X86 32bit Patch Point Support

    I am tring to build an arm translator based on qemu and LLVM. JIT
    code is targeted as 32bit machine.
    And multiple error from LLVM has occured, so I fix them. See the
    One tricky that I have not fix but workaround it, as follow:
Index: lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86ELFObjectWriter.cpp

1.patch (4.1 KB)

This should go to llvm-commits in the form of a patch. I can spot a couple of small issues on read through, but you’ll need to get feedback from the backend folks as well.

I would suggest separating the x86 and arm portions into distinct patches. They likely need to be reviewed by a non-overlaping set of people and blocking on all of those reviews will slow the submission of other parts. If there’s common infrastructure required by both, you might separate that into it’s own review. You will need to write llvm-lit tests for each patch. Patches without tests will not be accepted. Philip