[x86] Compiling in 32-bit mode causes 64-bit asm source to be silently converted to its 32-bit equavilent

Hi Craig,

I am Charles Li from Sony Playstation.

We are doing x86 code gen testing and, by chance, we noticed that compiling the 64-bit assembly instruction “jrcxz” in 32-bit mode “-m32”

previously resulted in an error,

now gets silently converted into the 32-bit equivalent instruction “jecxz”.

Forgot to copy llvmdev.

I think this part of the diff was a mistake. That Requires check still needs to be there.

   let Uses = [RCX] in
     def JRCXZ : Ii8PCRel<0xE3, RawFrm, (outs), (ins brtarget8:$dst),
-                           "jrcxz\t$dst", [], IIC_JCXZ>, AdSize64, Requires<[In64BitMode]>;
+                           "jrcxz\t$dst", [], IIC_JCXZ>, AdSize64;

I'll fix sometime this weekend.

Fixed in r241381