Xcode and Pascal (FPC)


For many years I’m using Xcode to compile and debug source code written in Pascal (Free Pascal Compiler).
Previously using the gdb-debugger.

With the lldb debugger the "Debug Bar-Proces Controls" and breakpoints still works fine.
Variables values are displayed in the "View variables”.
Thanks to the LLDB Debugger development team!

But the Pascal language is not case-sensitive.
All variable names are displayed in upper case, thus for printing values in the “View console output” the variable names has to be typed in upper case.
Consequently copy and past of the variable names from the source editor can’t be used.
Unfortunately also inspecting variables directly in the source editor will not work, unless they are typed in upper case.

Using the lldb-debugger would be much more practical if Pascal variable names could be copy/past directly from source editor into the console and/or Pascal variables could be inspected directly into the source editor.

Any workaround work around or recommendations how to solve this issue?

I really appreciate any help someone can provide.



I have no answer received yet to this question.
Maybe this list / forum is not the appropriate place for this kind of question.

If this is the case please advise me to whom I should address myself.

…or is it just a wast of time to try to improve displaying Pascal variable names (not case-sensitive) with the LLDB Debugger?

Thanks in advance,

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I am not an LLDB developer, but based on the symptom you reported,
there are a couple of different possibilities for why it occurs.
One possibility is that FPC up-shifts all the names in the debug info,
but does not add the "case-insensitive" indication. This would be a
bug in the compiler.
Another is that FPC does add the indication but LLDB is not looking
for it, and always does case-sensitive matching. This would be a bug
in LLDB.
In either case it seems there is no good workaround.