Xcode project creates too many diffs if I just add or remove a file...

Anyone know if something has happened to the Xcode project file? Did someone sort or try to manually do something to the Xcode project? If I add or remove a file, then I end up with 1000s of diffs...


See Jason’s email from two weeks ago:

The script will nuke the project.pbxproj file you do:

../scripts/sort-pbxproj.rb > project.pbxproj

So it seems you must do:

../scripts/sort-pbxproj.rb > project.pbxproj2
mv project.pbxproj2 project.pbxproj

Is this expected??

That’s just how IO redirection works in sh. But I agree that the expected default behavior is to just overwrite the file without having to redirect any streams/tmp files (+ Jason because he probably can easily fix this).

- Raphael

Yeah, I wrote the script to accept stdin or a filename argument, and print its results. I'll fix it to hardcode looking for lldb.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj or project.pbxproj in cwd and update it in place.

That would be great, thanks.