Xcode9.0 beta with Clang6.0 Plugin compile error



I am sanren,worked for Tencent.

We have a error about Clang6.0 : “cannot specify -o when generating multiple output files”.

Environment:Xcode9 beta and Clang6.0( From:git clone http://llvm.org/git/llvm.git)

We write the ClangPlugin and insert into Xcode9,We do the samething with Xcode8 and clang4.0,and it’s worked well.

But when we update to Xcode9,the problem appeared:

We modify the project setting in order to add ClangPlugin,the setting detail as follow:

Attach is the design the source code of ClangPlugin.

Look forward to your reply.


OCFuncCall.cpp (9.51 KB)

Can you provide (as text, not an image) the full clang command line that is being invoked?

This might be an XCode issue rather than a Clang issue, in which case you will need to ask Apple.