XCore code owner

The XCore backend code owner in CODE_OWNERS.TXT has moved on from XMOS and from working on XCore.

Sometimes the code owner is wanted for review e.g. https://reviews.llvm.org/D93625 .

Shall I put myself as a point of contact, or remove the code owner?

At XMOS we are working on bringing the upstream backend and the shipping compiler together, aiming at upstreaming this year. We do want to support the upstream backend.



Hi Nigel,

Between the two options I’d prefer to have someone be the code owner. If the code is unmaintained/owned, that would be argument for removing it from the tree until/if someone can step up to support it.


Thanks Chris.

We are working on bringing the upstream XCore backend up to date with downstream changes. We have management support for upstream LLVM being the live XCore compiler, and for investigating issues that arise upstream.

I will add myself as code owner, unless there are any questions or concerns.