XML AST dump: Obj-C class, method and informal_protocol missing


When using clang-cc to output the AST tree for a given objective-c header, an xml file was produced without the objective-c class, methods or informal protocol declarations.

How can this information be included? I'm using the "-x=objective-c" option and it does parse the objective-c header OK.

I'm using this command:
/Developer/usr/libexec/clang-cc -ast-print-xml --mcpu=yonah -v -o /tmp/outputCraig.xml -x=objective-c Craig.h

Note: Craig.h is attached to this email.

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Craig.h (166 Bytes)

The XML dump doesn't cover all of the Clang AST, and has no support for Objective-C. You could add the appropriate definitions into include/clang/Frontend/DeclXML.def to get XML output for Objective-C declarations.

  - Doug