XPASS forAsmBlocksComplexJumpTarget.c (-fasm-blocks)

Building r80796 of the "release_26" branch on Ubuntu 9.04, I'm getting an XPASS on:

ssen@ssen:~/llvm/build$ make TESTONE=FrontendC/2009-08-11-AsmBlocksComplexJumpTarget.c check-one
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ssen/llvm/build/test'
Making a new site.exp file...
XPASS: /home/ssen/llvm/test/FrontendC/2009-08-11-AsmBlocksComplexJumpTarget.c
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ssen/llvm/build/test'
ssen@ssen:~/llvm/build$ /usr/local//llvm/bin/gcc ../test/FrontendC/2009-08-11-AsmBlocksComplexJumpTarget.c -fasm-blocks -S -o - | grep 1192
  jmp *1192(%eax)

Should -fasm-blocks really be supported on non-Darwin targets?

Shantonu Sen

It's not exactly supported, but it will mostly work on x86 Linux at this point. I saw no reason to disable it; if somebody on Linux wants to make it fully usable, they can. If the Linux guys prefer to disable it (to prevent being polluted by this horrible misfeature, I suppose), they can do that too.

I fixed this test in TOT, btw.