Ye Olde Fashioned LLVM 3.4 Phase I Bug Fixin' Time!

Good news, everyone!

Phase I of LLVM testing is now finished! You can find binaries here:

Please take some time to download and use those binaries. There have been several bugs that have cropped up in the meantime. We need to get these fixed for the release. Please help out if you can!

Here are a few bugs that seem pretty bad:

If you have a project that’ll be in the official release (e.g., compiler-rt, libcxx), please go ahead and check in any bug fixes you have to the release branch.

If you have a feature that’s just about finished, please please please get the code in as soon as possible.

I’m requiring that all patches that are going into the branches need to be in trunk first. The only exception are patches that are for bugs that are only in the branch.

Share and enjoy!

I point out a miscompilation. While this was found
with explicit vectors in an OpenCL kernel, it
might be produced by autovectorization as well:

This reminds me of another code gen bug we encountered
during the LLVM 3.3 release testing (which was fixed):

Perhaps it's related?